Prof. Huaicheng Guo

Professor Huai-cheng Guo is currently a professor of environmental science at the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University. 

Professor Guo has long been engaged in many important work such as water environment research, watershed planning and management, system simulation and numerical simulation of non-deterministic optimization and decision-making, environmental science and engineering courses and related research, etc. He has developed a new method of watershed environmental systems planning, and proposed the methods of lake-watershed ecosystem management. He improved the benefit compensation mechanism about the protection of water sources and the model of cross-watershed regional environmental planning. He has established an enhanced range of optimization and decision-making theory and methodology, and extends the previous uncertainty analysis method in optimization theory, and developed a multi-objective model and the environment-oriented urban traffic control system identification of urban transport complex system.

Professor Huai-cheng Guo has lead or participated in more than 50 scientific research projects, such as the National Basic Research Program of China(No. 2005CB724205), the National Water Science & Technology Research Program(2008ZX07102-001), 863 projects, Provincial (ministerial) level projects, as well as UNEP, UNDP and CIDA projects and so on. He received nine national and provincial (ministerial) level Science and Technology Progress Award. He has published 165 peer-reviewed papers (among which more than 50 in international journals). He has published 14 monographs (including the three "Eleventh Five-Year" National Planning Textbook: "Environmental Planning Studies", "Environmental Science-based tutorial" and "Urban environmental planning").